Garlic Reconnects Old Friends and Makes New Ones

Barbolian Garlic Thriving in the Mojave DesertI know, that is a long title that probably won’t do anything for me in the Google ratings. But that’s ok.

I was just thinking about how garlic (and the Internet) has helped me get back in touch with old friends and also begin friendships with others who are as passionate as I am about gardening, family farms, and sustainable living.… Read more

Quinoa Crustless Quiche with Spring Greens

Quinoa Quiche with Spring Greens hot from the ovenWe haven’t done recipes on here in awhile, but truly, I get more hits on my recipe posts than on anything else. Which just goes to show, a lot of us are trying to figure out what’s for dinner (again).

As mentioned in my previous post, NOW is the time to use those spring greens, because later on they get strong and bitter.… Read more

Pre-spring Garden and Wild Greens for the Pickin’

I used to be a huge fan of Euell Gibbons. Actually, I still am. Not sure how many remember him (he lived 1911 – 1975), but back in the early 70s when I was living in a one-room log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness (I kid you not), I took great pride in identifying wild edible plants.… Read more