Themes and Resolutions

"Glenham Arbor" by Henry Peeters, click to buy at
"Glenham Arbor" by Henry Peeters, illustrating the concept of clearly defined boundaries - a vision of orderly garden loveliness. I should hang it on the wall of my workspace to help me visualize garden utopias. (Click to buy at

Questions for you: Do you have a strategy for keeping up with your garden tasks?… Read more

New Year’s for the Birds

Varied Thrush on fence
Word is out! FOOD & WATER!

The days may be getting longer, but we’re just now settling into winter proper. I have never quite understood this topsy-turvey concept. Today we awoke to a shivering 20-degree morning under a frosty blanket; last week, we were warmer than Orlando; a month earlier, we were buried under 2 feet of snow and temps in the teens.… Read more