What I Love About May

Ok – I realize it is officially June 1 – but the month of May was just extraordinarily beautiful this year, despite some typical windstorms that made me thankful we bolted our greenhouse to the fence, and I have been meaning to post some photos that illustrate how privileged we are to live where we do.… Read more

Site Revisions in Progress

Thank you for your patience while we are revising our site! We wanted to get a table in here listing all our 2009 varieties of garlic, and in the process, give the site a bright new look and a better forum for talking about sustainable living!… Read more

Rainwater Collection System

rainwater-collection-system connection-detail

Latest news from the Barbolian back acre: we’ve just installed our first rainwater collection system.

It is hard to believe that water quantity might be an issue in the rainy Pacific Northwest, but here in Sequim, it is becoming contentious as the requirements of wildlife and agriculture clash with the demands of an ever-increasing population.… Read more

Spring Cleaning in the Garlic Beds!

Garlic is up! Time to get weeding!
Garlic is up! Time to get weeding!

Ok, folks, spring is officially here, and there is no time to lose!

Barbolian Garlic Status Report: The garlic is growing strong! Better than strong: these sprouts look like my best crop ever! All that work that went into building the beds has really paid off!… Read more

Welcome Back Garlic!

jan09_frosty-greenman1Welcome back New Garlic Shoots! Welcome back Garlic Lovers!

Hmmm…I seem to have figured how to get my pictures back up on my posts, although not necessarily where I want them. After my recent WordPress upgrade, I have had a few problems.… Read more

Garlic is Harvested and Curing!

Hooray! The garlic is harvested and is now 2 weeks into the curing process.

What do 1300 bulbs of hanging garlic look like?

Granted, by some standards, that is not a lot. But for me – and for many who buy a few bulbs now and then – it’s like, wow – over one thousand bulbs!… Read more

Garlic Scape Hummus

I promised you all my favorite hummus recipe. But first, I’d like to know how a bunch of smashed chick peas mixed with a little this and that, and a name that sounds like something related to compost, has become such an exotic dish among pseudo yuppies like myself.… Read more

Garlic Scape Recipes: Pesto

A Celtic knot of garlic scapesI have been asked – no – begged – to reveal my soon-to-be-famous recipes for pesto and hummus using fresh garlic scapes. Ok. I bend to peer pressure. But not without this warning:


And to lure you into my web, I also offer a recipe for homemade crackers to go with them.… Read more

Garlic Status – Summer Solstice ’08

Garlic Status_Summer Solstice 2008

Despite the cold spring here in the Pacific Northwest, the garlic has been thriving! We got everything weeded over the weekend and thoroughly watered. You can almost feel them reaching upward, waiting for that promised sunshine!

As you can see from the photos, I planted the garlic rather densely in beds (4 rows/bed) this year, which has really facilitated the weeding, fertilizing, & watering tasks!… Read more

Rain! Rain! Rain!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know we’re still waiting for this season called spring and it’s almost summer! The cold temps have delayed most crops – but I have to say, the lettuce, spinach, peas, mustards, parsley, potatoes, rhubarb, and garlic are thriving!… Read more