Garlic Status: Mid-July — 4 Comments

  1. I harvest a part of garlic, another one was pretty green and I leave it.Scapes still growing bulbils. We have wet summer this year, maybe this is the reason for later garlic harvest time.

    • Hi Eventas! I’m just beginning to harvest, too. I had the same thoughts – is the garlic ready all at once? How many crops are all ready at the same time? I, too, harvested some and left a few that I thought could go a little longer. And we, too, have had an EXTREMELY cold, wet year so far. Even thunder and lightning, which is fairly rare for us! We’ve gotten a huge crop of berries and cherries, but unfortunately, some of my raspberries are molding on the branches. As for the garlic, we shall see. So far, some really great bulbs – but also some casualties :(. The Ziemiai is doing great, though! Cheers to you and your family in Lithuania!

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