What’s Wrong with My Garlic?

Call in the Garlic Whisperer!

Basal Rot
Garlic problem #22: Basal rot on garlic; University of Minnesota Extension photo

If you grow garlic for any time at all, eventually you will have “issues.” At some point along the way, you might notice that some aren’t doing quite as well as the others.… Read more

Garlic: You Better Come On In My Kitchen

…because it’s gonna be rainin’ outdoors….

and now it’s gone, but I ain’t worried, cuz I’m settin’ on top of the world….

(Thank you Robert Johnson and the many others who have done versions of these songs.)

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve played harmonica for the ol’ garlic patch (or at least shared it).… Read more

Garlic Status: Mid-July

I am getting lots of questions about where we’re at with the garlic – when we’ll have bulbs for sale – and how about the bulbils?

Here’s my final, not-so-final, wishy-washy answer to predicting the future: I’m not quite sure.

Most years, I’d have the crop in by now.… Read more

Garlic Status – Memorial Day Plant Survey

How is your garlic growing?

German Extra Hardy garlic plants
Short person in tall garlic patch. That would be me and the German Extra Hardies.


Plant Survey:

About once or twice a month, I am taking a photographic survey of plants in the garden and around the back acre.… Read more

Nettle Soup

Stinging nettles
Nettles. (Photo from NorthernBushcraft.com)

I love foraging. I love the idea that there is all that food out there just free for the gathering. This is a perfect time of year for foraging, because a little bit later, many plants turn tough and bitter.… Read more

First Sprouts of Garlic!

Sprouts of Chinese Pink, a Turban variety of garlicRussian Giant Garlic SproutsGreat news! Garlic is up all over the garden and it is looking strong! Of course, we would expect a good showing on the Chinese Pink, a Turban variety, known for maturing early. This is our first year for growing this particular variety, and we are looking forward to it being ready early in the season, right about the time when we are ready to trade our first-born children for fresh garlic.… Read more

Death by Garlic, Revived by Kale

Not a reflection - it's the willow tree, reaching for the blue sky
Not a reflection - it's the corkscrew willow tree, reaching for the blue sky in winter

Helllooo February! What a stretch of great weather we’ve had! If the groundhog saw his shadow, it was only because he wasn’t facing the sun!… Read more

For the Love of Kale (and Garlic and Cauliflower)

Kale in SnowI had one of those “what can I possibly make for dinner” moments the other night, which usually results in a last-minute scramble of some sort. There was a head of cauliflower that needed to be eaten, some bone broth, and a couple of chicken breasts in the freezer – a good start, but boring.… Read more