November Blooms, 2013

The temperatures are dipping into the 20s, and yet… such miracles!

Pictured above:

  1. Wasabi Arugula, Mignonette, Mashua Root Blossoms
  2. Mashua Root blossoms, Broccoli Raab, Calendula
  3. Feverfew, Echinacea center, Echinacea stalks & blooms
  4. Hollyhock buds, Hollyhock blossom, Borage bud
  5. Borage blossom, Phacelia, Potentilla
  6. Wild Geranium, Strawberry Tree, White-flowered “weed” (can someone tell me what this is?)

What I learned:

  • A LOT of things can still bloom in November, although I must say, the Mashua Roots took a hit when the temps dipped to 25.
  • Some flowers, like the Phacelia, can bloom, go to seed, germinate, and bloom again before the season’s end.
  • Calendula will keep on blooming and blooming and blooming – but it helps to deadhead the blossoms so it doesn’t fully go to seed.
  • Borage, too, is a perpetual bloomer and very loved by the bees.
  • Some plants, such as the Mignonette, which I have planted right outside one of the beehives, benefit from being cut back. In this case, I collected the seeds before they shattered – and then the plant up and bloomed again! Double bonus!

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