You can find them scattered throughout the blog posts – or – you can browse through them right here. I will keep a running list of old family recipes and creations I throw together under passionate inspiration – however they turn out (rarely the same way twice — recipes are, after all, a guideline rather than a set of rules), you can be sure they’re fresh and from the garden. I mean, why go through all that trouble of growing all this stuff if you’re not going to think of fun ways to eat it?

Life is for living! Enjoy! and Bon Appetit!

Artichokes & Aioli

Benjamin’s Green Tomato Mincemeat

Chicken-Kale-Cauliflower Casserole (with lots of garlic, of course!)

Death by Garlic, Revived by Kale (a life & death experience – or rather, death & life!)

Foolproof Skillet Apple Cake

Garlic Scape Hummus

Garlic Scape Pesto

High Energy Treats for Birds (Garlic Under Snow)

Muffin Treats for Birds (New Year’s for the Birds)

Pickled Garlic

Quinoa Crustless Quiche with Spring Greens

Roasted Garlic

Spring Garden Tour Tortillas

Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

Zucchini Bran Bread

Is there something you’d like to see up here? Drop me an email & I’ll search my files or do a little experimenting!

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