Solexx Greenhouse Kits: Models, Prices, Particulars

Looking for a Solexx Greenhouse Kit? Want more information on sizes, models, and particulars?

Solexx has several different kits in different sizes. The standard kit includes 3.5 mm Solexx (5 mm can be ordered), the heavy-duty composite frame, integrated bench frames, hanging rods, a strong, lockable door, a built-in base that requires no foundation, an easy-flow louver, and, of course, the Solexx 10-year limited warranty.

Deluxe Kits:  In addition to the above, the Deluxe kits also include tie-down accessories, a solar louver opener, base vents, and wire bench shelves that fit into the built-in bench frames.

All kits include FREE Delivery to the contiguous 48 states!

Early Bloomer Solexx Greenhouse
Early Bloomer: The perfect starter greenhouse. 6’3″ height allows room for small trees and hanging plants. Lightweight, portable, free-standing (set it right over your garden!). Size:  8’x8′
Gardeners-Oasis-Solexx Greenhouse Kit
Gardener’s Oasis: This most popular model is 8-ft high and provides 2 double-tiered, built-in bench frames and 2 full-length hanging rods. 8′ wide by 8′, 12′, 16′, & 24′. An 8′ extension is also available.
Inside view of Gardener's Oasis Solexx Greenhouse Kit
Gardener’s Oasis – Inside View: This photo gives a better idea of the spaciousness, the 2 rows of built-in bench frames, the 2 hanging rods, & the Easy-Flow Louver. Note the wire shelves that fit into the built-in bench frames, featured in the Deluxe kit.
Garden Master Solexx Greenhouse with Shade Cloth
Garden Master: This model has 6’6″ outer walls and a gable peak at 8’9″, which provides plenty of room to trellis tomatoes & cukes. It includes 4 bench frames that can support 500 lbs and 2 hanging rods. You can pack a lot of vegetation in this one! 8-ft wide x 8′, 12′, 16′, or 24′ length. An 8-ft extension is also available. Pictured shade cloth is an accessory.
Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit
Harvester: Completely enclosed for maximum strength, insulation, and solar heat collection, the Harvester can be set up against a wall. It has a double bench on one side and a single bench on the other for versatility. It is 8-ft wide and comes in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-ft lengths. An 8-ft extension is also available.
Harvester Solexx Greenhouse - inside
Harvester Kit – Inside: Of course, we know the model in this greenhouse is way too clean to be a real gardener, but this picture gives you a good idea of how spacious the Harvester Kit really can be! I like the idea that it can be built up against a wall!
Conservatory Solexx Greenhouse Kit
Conservatory: The largest, most spacious kit. Height=9’6″. Width=16′. Length=8′, 16′, or 24′. Includes a 5-ft wide double-tiered bench frame in the center in addition to the 2 side benches and 2 full-length hanging rods. It has the option of 2 to 4 doors.
Deluxe Cold Frame
Deluxe Coldframe: Great for those transition periods, this 8’x6’x31″ coldframe provides shelter for new seedlings, indirect light for plants in summer, protection from early and late frosts, and shelter to potted plants over winter. Comes with 2 leg props and the same super strong composite frame found in other kits. Tie-downs are extra.
Little Propagator Solexx Greenhouse Kit
Lit’l Propagator: This 4′ x 4′ x 6′-high kit is tall enough to stand in while getting your seeds started or over-wintering your potted plants. It comes with a 24″x5’7″ door and 2 full-length 12″-deep removeable bench frames. Easy to relocate.

Deluxe Greenhouse - What's Included

Price List

Solexx Pricing for Greenhouse Kits
Prices have not changed since 2015! Take advantage now!

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Need Help with Greenhouse Set-up & Installation?

We recommend ONA Landscaping.  We have a definite bias: the owner of ONA Landscaping is our son, Matt Ward – but we are also biased because Matt and his business partner, Micah Rankin, do fantastic work and are ultimately reliable. ONA Landscaping has been in business since 1977 (Matt has been running it since 2014). It has a well-earned reputation of quality and trust in our community.

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