Greenhouse Log

This Greenhouse Report page is where I try to keep track of what is happening in our greenhouse – more or less. Wish I had kept up with it better! Things are always in a state of transition. But that’s the beauty of it, right? I mean, I’ve had a little rice paddy in here, a cranberry bog, a tropical jungle of passionflowers, exotic (to me) wasabi, saffron, ginger, and turmeric, and a desert scape – all at the same time! I take cuttings of blueberries, currants, gooseberries, and all kinds of native plants. I’m currently growing oaks from seed and also a couple of Paw Paws. I keep a steady supply of medicinal and culinary herbs throughout the winter, and in warmer seasons, can also find lemon verbena and several varieties of basils.  I even grow a few vegetables, although I swear, I’m going to quit growing tomatoes! They take over everything! Oh, and you should have seen the nasturtiums! I absolutely *love* this Solexx-covered greenhouse! But I have to admit, sometimes it has been a bit of a learning curve! I’ll try to remember to share some of the mishaps so you don’t have to experience the same “learning opportunities!” LOL! The main thing is to have fun with it. And on a typical windy rainy Northwest day of just about any time of year, there is no better place to hang out. Trust me.

Winter Greenhouse under snow

Winter Greenhouse Gardening: Strategies for Survival in an Unheated Space

Definitely still winter here in the PNW! Here are some strategies for gardening in an unheated winter greenhouse and ideas on how to keep your plants alive, no matter what it’s doing out there! Also – here’s what we have going on in the Barbolian Fields greenhouse and some gardening tasks for January. Stay warm!