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Solexx greenhouse solar opener (HV-10)

Universal Solar Powered Window Vent Opener 

NOTE: This solar opener is no longer being carried by Adapt8. I left the description here as it is still something you might want to consider for ventilating your greenhouse. A similar product can be found elsewhere on the internet. I found some on Amazon* from $28-$65 and up, but cannot recommend any particular item because I haven’t tried them. As a reference, the one pictured at left used to sell for ~$69 through Adapt8. I will let you know if Adapt8 starts carrying it again. They stand by their products!

Solar powered vent opener automatically opens most vents
If it’s sunny out, even in winter, the temps in the greenhouse will climb rapidly! Nice not to have to worry about it if you’re not there to open the vents. The parafin wax in the piston of the solar-powered vent opener expands and contracts to automatically open and close the vents as the temperature changes. No electricity or batteries needed. Extends 12″ to open; supports up to 15 lbs.

HV-10 Solar Powered Vent Opener

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Solexx greenhouse closable base vent (HV -20)

Solexx Closable Base Vents

Create a natural cross ventilation with a combination of base vents and louvers. Mount two of these ABS polymer 4″ x 9″ base vents for every 4 feet of greenhouse length; close them up in cold weather. Works.

They come in sets of 4 or 6.

HV-20 Base Vents (4″ x 9″)

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Solexx Solar-powered Louver (HV-34-S)
Solar-Powered Louver – from the inside
Solar Louver - Outside view (HV-34-S)
Solar-powered Louver – outside view (HV-34-S)
Solexx Louver - Manual (HV-34-M)
Solexx Louver – Manual (HV-34-M)

Greenhouse Louvers 

Choose from Solar- or Manual-Powered Louvers
Louvers are designed to let fresh air in and keep the rain out. The frames are made of outdoor-grade PVC and measure 24″W x 12″L. Three louvers made from 5mm Solexx high-density polyethylene allow diffuse light into the greenhouse – even when closed! All units come fully assembled; no electricity or batteries required.

Solar Louver: Adjust Solar Powered Opener sensitivity by turning the knob. Tighten the knob to open the vent at a lower temperature. Vent opens automatically as the greenhouse warms.

Manual Louver: Pull cord to open and close.

Note:  Solexx Greenhouse Kits come standard with the Manual Louver (HV-34-M). Solar louvers can be substituted at an extra cost.

Also Note: These louvers open just as they are pictured. They are designed to shed water, let in light, and increase air flow – which they do – but they do not open as wide as you might think.

HV-34-S (solar); HV-34-M (manual) Easy Flow Louver

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Solexx greenhouse circulation fan (HV-40)

Greenhouse Circulation Fan 

Strong air circulation supports healthier plant growth. Variable speeds; maintenance free; energy efficient; easy installation; adjustable mounts. Designed for greenhouses.

HV-40 & HV-41: 8″ & 12″ Circulation Fan

Note: I personally own the little 8″ fan and it packs a lot of power into a small size. These fans are safe for operating in damp environments, are protected by a sturdy cage, and are a heck of a lot better choice than a common household fan. I found the directions for installation a bit confusing – but you are basically bolting a rather heavy appliance to a support with a bracket (in our case, a wooden frame). They can also be bolted to the Solexx framing. They can also be bolted to the ceiling. I would not consider it “portable;” however, it can be adjusted to point in different directions. The small fan does not have variable speeds. Some people install two of them at different ends of the greenhouse. So far, the one fan in our 12′ x 16′ growing room is doing great, along with vents. I’ve found out the hard way, adequate air flow is one of the most important things to provide in a greenhouse!

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Solexx greenhouse exhaust fan (HV-50)

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan  

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan 
Powerful exhaust fans for large spaces
This high-powered fan provides rapid air exchange. Galvanized steel frame for less rust and corrosion; thermally-protected motor; thermostat and wiring for 115v; 760 CFM. (Also available in 1250 CFM in 16″ & 20″ sizes).

HV-50: 12″ fan (760 CFM); HV-51 and HV-52: 16″ and 20″ Exhaust Fan (1250 CFM)

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Solexx greenhouse intake shutter (HV-60)

Solexx greenhouse intake shutter (HV-60)

A perfect companion for your exhaust fan
These intake shutters are wired to your exhaust fans. They open and close automatically when the fans turn on and off. Constructed of exterior-grade PVC, the entire unit is designed for strength and durability; nylon bearings never need lubrication and will not corrode.

Eliminates having to manually open and close vents. Particularly valuable in regulating air flow and temperatures when you are not there to monitor conditions.

Comes in 3 sizes: 12″, 16″, and 20″ square

HV-60, 61, 62: Motorized Intake Air

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Solexx Shelving Packages

Plants, soil, water, large pots = lots of weight. These sturdy wire racks will support the load while providing drainage and air circulation.

(Speaking from experience, you do NOT want all your plant seedling trays to fall on the plants below them because of something you thought might work!)

These sturdy wire racks are designed exclusively to fit Solexx greenhouse bench frames. They are also made to resist rust and reflect light.

Side shelves measure 29″x94″ when assembled. Packages come in 8-ft lengths in packages of 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 6, 9, and 13 units.

Refer to table above for shelving options.

All packages include mounting ties for simple assembly and installation.

(Please note that product HN-18-8-2 is only used for the back walls in the 12-ft Oasis and Garden Master greenhouses. Assembled shelf kit measures 24″ x 94″. Each greenhouse holds 2 shelf kits.)

Side shelving units are designated HN-19-8-#.

Shelves are included in all Deluxe greenhouse kits. Note in the photo how they are an integrated part of the greenhouse framing, which adds to the overall strength of the structure!

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Solexx Greenhouse shelving (HN-19)
Solexx greenhouse side shelf package is made to integrate with Solexx framing.
Shelving in 12-ft Oasis
Shelving in 12-ft Solexx Oasis greenhouse
Shelving with plants in Oasis greenhouse
Shelving with plants in Oasis greenhouse


Solexx greenhouse tie-down kit (HN-10)

Tie-Down Kits:

Hold it down in strong winds with the easy-to-install kit. Twist the anchors into the ground every 8 feet and attach the J-hooks to the greenhouse frame. Connect the frame to the anchor with turnbuckles. Disconnect if you want to move it. Comes in bundles of 4 or 6.

(Note: The 30-inch anchors have been discontinued.)

HN-10; HN-15 Anchor Tie Down Kit

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Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth:

Do you find you can’t use your greenhouse as much in the summer because of excessive heat? This reusable black polypropylene 55% shade cloth filters out excess sunlight and lowers the temps on those scorching summer days. Lower temps also prolong the life of greenhouse panels. Reinforced, hemmed edges; grommets are spaced every 4 feet.

Comes in several sizes:

  • 8’x10′
  • 8’x12′
  • 8’x16′
  • 12’x12′
  • 12’x16′
  • Custom order

HV-91-99 Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth

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Solexx Shade Cloth (HV-90)
Solexx Shade Cloth corner grommets (HV-90)


Solexx greenhouse flooring (HN-29)
Greenhouse flooring on grass (HN-29)

Greenhouse Flooring 

Eliminate weeds from your greenhouse floor. Durable black polypropylene; easy to install; includes wire stakes; allows water drainage. Custom orders available.

Comes in the following sizes:

  • 10’x 10′
  • 10’x12′
  • 10’x16′
  • 10’x24′
  • 16’x16′
  • 16’x20′

HN-29-35 Greenhouse Flooring

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Portable Electric Heater – perfect for most 8′ and 12′ units.
Reminiscent of milk house utility heaters, this durable heater will keep your greenhouse warm and plants safe from frost during times when an external heat source might be needed. Just plug it in.

  • Heater adjusts to operate only when needed to conserve electricity (knob turns from low to high)
  • Heavy-duty fan distributes heat
  • Heats up to a 400 sq. ft.
  • Maximum 5200 BTUs with a 1500 watt, 1300 watt, or fan only setting.
  • Measures 15 1/2″H x 10″W x 7″L, with a 5-1/2 foot cord.
  • Requires 120v 3-prong outlet.

HH-64 Portable Electric Heater

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Electric heater for greenhouse (HH-64)

List of Accessories Included in Greenhouse Kits

Accessories Included with Kits

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Solexx Accessories: 2022 Price List

DescriptionItem #Price
Closeable Base vents (set of 4)HV-20-4$59.00
Closeable Base vents (set of 6)HV-20-6$79.00
Solexx Louver with Solar OpenerHV-34-S$210.00
Solexx Louver with Manual OpenerHV-34-M$120.00
8" Circulation FanHV-40$210.00
12" Circulation FanHV-41$269.00
12" Fan 760 CFM w/ThermostatHV-50$349.00
16" Fan 1250 CFM w/ThermostatHV-51$399.00
20" Fan 1270 CFM w/ThermostatHV-52$449.00
12" Motorized Intake - AirHV-60$299.00
16" Motorized Intake - AirHV-61$349.00
20" Motorized Intake - AirHV-62$369.00
Wire Racks for Bench Frames
8' Back Shelf Package (2 pack) - 12' Garden Master & Oasis onlyHN-18-8-2$279.00
8' Back Shelf Package (2 pack) HN-19-8-2$279.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (3 pack)HN-19-8-3$370.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (4 pack)HN-19-8-4$480.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (4.5 pack)HN-19-8-4.5$540.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (6 pack)HN-19-8-6$740.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (9 pack)HN-19-8-9$1,080.00
8' Side Shelf Package - (13 pack)HN-19-8-13$1,530.00
Tie-Down Kits & Anchors
15" Tie-Down Kit (4 Anchors)HN-10$77.95
15" Tie-Down Kit (6 Anchors)HN-15$92.95
Shade Cloth Options
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): 8' x 10'HV-91$59.00
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): 8' x 12'HV-92$64.00
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): 8' x 16'HV-93$85.00
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): 12' x 12'HV-94$95.00
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): 12' x 16'HV-95$125.00
Black Shade Cloth, 55% Shade (Polypropylene): Special Order, per square footHV-99Call for quote: 360-477-2786
Greenhouse Flooring Material:
Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 10'HN-29$55.00
Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 12'HN-31$59.00
Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 16'HN-32$77.00
Greenhouse Flooring 10' x 24'HN-33$99.00
Greenhouse Flooring 16' x 16'HN-34$104.00
Greenhouse Flooring 16' x 20'HN-35$119.00
Portable Electric HeaterHH-64$79.95
These are prices as of January 1, 2022, and are subject to change. I wanted to give my customers a good idea of what something costs, because that is the info we often first look for and often determines what we can or cannot do. Give me a call at 360-477-2786 or an email at blythe @ barbolian . com (without spaces, of course) to see if we have any specials going on that are not listed here. Thanks!

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To order Solexx greenhouse kits, materials, and accessories, contact:

Blythe Barbo 
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ph. 360-477-2786
email: blythe [at] barbolian [dot] com

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