SOLEXX Greenhouse Kit Accessories



Optimize your system with accessories from the makers of SOLEXX:


Solexx Greenhouse Base Vents
Create a natural cross ventilation with a combination of base vents and louvers. Mount two of these ABS polymer 4″ x 9″ base vents for every 4 feet of greenhouse length; close them up in cold weather. Works.

HV-20 Base Vents (4″ x 9″)

Greenhouse Circulation Fan 
Strong air circulation supports healthier plant growth. Variable speeds; maintenance free; energy efficient; easy installation; adjustable mounts. Designed for greenhouses.

HV-40 8″ Circulation Fan

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan 
Powerful exhaust fans for large spaces
This high-powered fan provides rapid air exchange. Galvanized steel frame for less rust and corrosion; thermally-protected motor; thermostat and wiring for 115v; 760 CFM. (Larger sizes also available).

HV-50 12″ Exhaust Fan

Greenhouse Louver
Louvers are designed to let fresh air in and keep the rain out. Made from outdoor-grade PVC; 24″ x 12″; choose manual or solar-powered operation. No electricity required.

HV-30 Easy Flow Louver

Solar Opener for the Easy Flow Louver 
Automatically opens and closes as the air in your greenhouse warms or cools. No batteries or electricity required. (Note: this is the opener only; louver is not included in this accessory).

HV-31 Easy Flow Louver Opener

Universal Solar Powered Window Vent Opener  
Solar powered vent opener automatically opens most vents
If it’s sunny out, even in winter, the temps in the greenhouse will climb rapidly! Nice not to have to worry about it if you’re not there to open the vents. The parafin wax in the piston of the solar-powered vent opener expands and contracts to automatically open and close the vents as the temperature changes. No electricity or batteries needed. Extends 12″ to open; supports up to 15 lbs.

HV-10 Solar Powered Vent Opener


Non-Vented Greenhouse Heater
Open-flame radiant heaters; polished aluminum back reflects heat; promotes uniform warmth from floor to ceiling. Thermostat allows you to specify desired temp (35-75 degrees F); safety gas shut-off if pilot light goes out. No electricity needed; great insurance during power outages. Clean-burning (no toxic fumes). Low profile: measures 22″ tall by 12.5″ diameter; stainless steel burner rated at 20,000 BTU; natural gas or propane (tank not included; requires 100 lb tank or larger). Designed for greenhouses.

HH-40 Non-Vented Gas Heater

Vented Gas Greenhouse Heater
Natural gas or propane; 25,000 BTUs; circulates air from the floor up for an even radiant warmth. Combusted gases are vented outside. Measures 16.25″ w x 17.5″ deep x 25″ tall. Designed with vertical flues to provide maximum air circulation; made of non-rusting aluminum and aluminized steel for durability in moist environments; wall-mounted thermostat adjusts from 35-75 degrees F; safety gas shut-off valve. Requires vent pipe, flashing, 100-lb natural gas or propane tank. Does not require electricity.

HH-50 Vented Gas Greenhouse Heater


Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth
Do you find you can’t use your greenhouse as much in the summer because of excessive heat? This reusable black polypropylene 50% shade cloth filters out excess sunlight and lowers the temps on those scorching summer days. Lower temps also prolong the life of greenhouse panels. Reinforced, hemmed edges; grommets; easy to put on and take off. Several sizes; can be custom ordered.

HV-92 8′ x 12′ Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Aluminet Shade Cloth
This material will keep your greenhouse cooler than regular shade cloth because it is highly reflective, does not absorb heat, and blocks 40% of the light. It also improves light diffusion and protects against frost. Unfinished edges do not fray and are easily cut to size. 14′ wide; length cut to order.

HV-100 Aluminet Shade Cloth (sold by the linear ft)


Solexx Shelving Packages
Plants, soil, water, large pots = lots of weight. These sturdy wire racks are designed to support the load, fit the bench frames, provide drainage and air circulation, resist rust, and reflect light. Includes mounting ties for simple assembly and installation. (Speaking from experience, you do NOT want all your plant seedling trays to fall on the plants below them because of something you thought might work!)

HN-18 8′ Back Shelf Package (24″ x 94″)
HN-19 8′ Side Shelf Package (29″ x 94″)


Greenhouse Flooring 
Eliminate weeds from your greenhouse floor. Durable black polypropylene; easy to install; includes wire stakes; allows water drainage. Custom orders available.

HN-29 10’x10′ Greenhouse Flooring


Tie-Down Kits:
Hold it down in strong winds with the easy-to-install kit. Twist the anchors into the ground every 8 feet and attach the J-hooks to the greenhouse frame. Connect the frame to the anchor with turnbuckles. Disconnect if you want to move it. 30″ long anchors are available for large greenhouses or going into sandy soil ground.

HN-10 4-Anchor Tie Down Kit – 14 1/2″
HN-12 4-Anchor Tie Down Kit – 30″

Recommended Shelving for Solexx Greenhouse Kits

Accessories Included with Kits

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Need help putting a greenhouse together?

If you are here on the Olympic Peninsula, we recommend ONA Landscaping.  We have a definite bias: the owner of ONA Landscaping is our son, Matt Ward – but we are also biased because Matt and his business partner, Micah Rankin, do fantastic work and are ultimately reliable. ONA Landscaping has been in business since 1977 (Matt has been running it since 2014). It has a well-earned reputation of quality and trust in our community.

Questions? Want to Order?

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