Solexx Installation Guide

Tips and Tricks to make your Solexx installation easier!

Download the Solexx-installation-guide at this link. The guide provides additional info on Solexx installation, including:

Getting Started

  • Maximizing your insulation
  • Orienting the Solexx material
  • Deciding on what width is best for your structure
  • Best spacing between the ribs in the framing
  • Squaring up the Solexx
  • About expansion and contraction of the Solexx panels
  • Attaching screws – and which are the best kind to use
  • Cutting Solexx (it’s easy!)
  • Caulking the panels (don’t skip this step)
  • Bending the panels

Solexx Installation

  • Unrolling the Solexx
  • Installing Solexx on the end walls (do this first!)
  • Vertical Installation: Installing Solexx on the roof and sides (Option 1)
  • Horizontal Installation: Installing Solexx on the roof and sides (Option 2)
  • Preparing your frame and installing


  • Repair & Cleaning

Technical Support

  • (who ya gonna call?)



More Info:

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To Order: Contact Blythe at Barbolian Fields