Flower Blooms: A Calendar of Bee-Friendly Flowers Through the Year

Dandelion fields forever at Barbolian Fields

Flower Blooms: What is blooming when?

The trick is to have a variety of flower blooms to provide enough pollen & nectar for the honeybees and other pollinators throughout the year – especially critical in early spring, late summer (when it is common to have a dearth because the annuals have all gone to seed and the blackberries are no longer blooming), and fall. I find that if I am on top of deadheading and pruning, I can extend the blooming season on some of them by quite a bit.  

Table of Flower Blooms

Click here: Table of Blooms to see what is flowering in our back acre during each month of the year. We are in zone 8b, located in the northwest corner of Washington State. Our rainfall is about 13″ or so per year. Our climate is influenced by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north, and the Olympic Mountains to the south. It is a Mediterranean climate – not too hot; not too cold – somewhat windy – wet winters and dry summers.

(Obviously, this table is a work in progress. It doesn’t translate well on the new version of WordPress.  I will be fixing this soon! Thanks for your patience!)


Oh yes. These pages are definitely prettier than the table page. Another work in progress, as is my life! Conditions vary from one year to the next – as does what we have growing at any one time – so updates and corrections will be the norm. 

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