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Attention Greenhouse Fans

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue being a Solexx greenhouse dealer. Please contact Adapt8, the manufacturer of Solexx, to find a distributor near you.

I still think Solexx is the best stuff ever for greenhouses, cold frames, outdoor living spaces, and more! I will continue writing about our greenhouse growing adventures.

Thank you so much for your past support of Barbolian Fields through your interest and purchase of Solexx greenhouse kits and materials! It is truly appreciated.

Garden Gallery Photos (click to see what is blooming when – or visit our Instagram page below)

Red Flowering Currant Flowers
Red Flowering Currant Flowers – A magenta hummingbird & bumblebee magnet!
Nanking Cherry Flowers at Barbolian Fields
Nanking Cherry Flowers – so delicate and sweet in early spring!
Manchurian Viburnum bud
A Manchurian Viburnum bud, almost ready to open!
Mahonia, aka Oregon Grape flowers
Mahonia, aka Oregon Grape flowers, an early native favorite for pollinators

Join us through the seasons in our backyard horticultural experiment!

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