About Barbolian Fields

Barbolian Fields is a little backyard horticultural experiment located just outside of Sequim, Washington, USA. We sell garlic, our main crop, and a variety of herbs, plants, seeds, garden products, Warré beehives, and assorted creations. We are trying to transform our garden into more of a permaculture food forest, with somewhat chaotic results!  In the process, we are focusing on creating regenerative mini-ecosystems that conserve water, build soil health, and provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife. We grow a lot of fruits, berries, willows, native plants, and nectar and pollen plants for bees. 

I was trying to get a grip one day on just what it is, exactly, that we do around here – and so I drew out a mindmap. I was amazed at the diversity! Understand, we are not a huge farm — we have close to 2 acres of land, but we are doing all of this on probably an acre or so. Our property was once part of an old dairy farm. The structures consist of a relatively small house built at the turn of the century and a good-sized shop now at the site where the old barn collapsed. There is still quite a bit of unused pasture, part of which is “lawn” and part that we just let grow wild and scythe down when we can for added mulch. Within the garden space, the biomass is incredible! Food for bees, wildlife, and ourselves; fiber plants, medicinals, craft materials, and places to hang out and simply enjoy – everything working together for the strength of all, with plenty left over to share.

My point is – you don’t need a lot of land to do this! Anyone can! (as our grandparents and great grandparents will be first to tell us) Simple living, working with what you have toward self-sufficiency and sustainability, minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency, respecting – even revering – the good earth that sustains us; living in connection. It is very empowering.

Barbolian Fields Mindmap

Feedback is always welcome and we always enjoy hearing from others and their experiences!

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