Garden Gallery: the Barbolian Fields Garden throughout the Year

Maximilian Sunflowers. Love Fall Flowers!
September Maximilian Sunflower. Love fall flowers!

The Garden Gallery Portal: So many photos!

This page is a place to organize photos and see how conditions vary one year to the next. It is fun to see how it all evolves. I will forever be in awe of the intricacy of the different flowers and the honey bees that frequent them. I hope these pictures convey that love affair.

This page will always be a work in progress. Enjoy!

Galleries of Photo Favorites!

Water Year 2019
2012 Favorites for 2013 Calendar

Willow Gallery

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I will be adding to this page as I find time to upload pictures.

What is blooming in your garden at different times of year – and is there anything in particular you recommend?? Do you keep a “blooming calendar,” and if so, what method do you use? I would love to hear what you have growing and what works for you.

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