Things Handmade

Calling all Makers, Artisans, Crafters . . .

and all those who without creativity would not be breathing.

Yes! We Sell this Stuff! (We also barter and trade).

I am happy to take custom orders and trades. Most things are made individually, not in large batches. I prefer the personality of one-of-a-kind items.The craft economy is a fickle beast. I do not sell on Amazon Handmade or Etsy. The best way to order is to simply contact me.

As always, inspiration is free!

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Attention Greenhouse Fans: We are sorry to say Barbolian Fields is no longer selling Solexx kits and materials. **I still think it is the best stuff ever for greenhouses, cold frames, outdoor living spaces, and more!** We are going to be traveling more and don’t feel we can give you the service you deserve. Contact Adapt8 to find a distributor near you.


Phenology Calendar Wheel: Feel free to use mine as a template or for getting ideas for making your own. I used the 2022 version for following the phases of the moons, celestial events, and what was happening in the plant and animal kingdoms throughout the year.

Willow-works  (like, whoa!)

Fabrics & Fibers: Sewing, Yarns, & Dyes: A definite passion – and also making cordage, dyes, and inks from plant materials.

Herbs: Medicinal, Culinary, & Dye Plants (technically, not handmade – but you can make things from them – so I list the link here)

Recipes from the Garden: Food, Herbs, Gifts of Food & Herbs, Ideas, and Inspiration

Soaps, Salves, Beeswax, Lotions & Potions

Jump Juice (the ultimate plant starter; made from willows) – usually available in the spring – or get willows and make your own!

Upcycled Stuff (things we need from things we don’t)

Other Assorted Handcrafts (an eclectic mix)

Warre Beehives: We are sorry to say we do not have beehives and swarm traps for sale at this time, but take the link for more info on this particular type of hive that simulates a honey bee colony’s natural way of building a home.

Honeybee Swarm Traps: We are not making custom-built swarm traps at this time. Thank you for your interest. Take the link to find out more about our traps.

[Caveat:  I don’t consider myself an artist, per se – but more of a craftsperson – a maker of a little of everything, some of which is artistic.  I’ve been playing with plant dyes, making bags and toys, mixing up lotions & potions, dabbling in mixed media, making willow sculptures… my husband, Jeff, makes the beehives and other wooden items – like boats, campers, and kitchen cabinets (!). ]

This list will always be evolving. We will add links as we get the pages built. Thanks for your interest!

A few thoughts….

True, this website has been mostly about gardening, and in the beginning, all about garlic. Perhaps that focus and specialization created a market advantage.  But then I realized it did not truly reflect who I am. (We are all many things, after all.)

For without creativity, who would we be?

…what about that self-sufficiency homesteading spirit where we make useful stuff and learn to make do?  Where we put away for winter and put our hearts into making our homes? Where we take satisfaction in creating with our own two hands something beautiful, healing, and nourishing … and in making something that connects through the giving?

All this and more is part of the equation of “a menagerie of useful plants and things handmade…”

There are many ways to plant a seed and help something grow.

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