Useful Plants

I am thinking of this as the Garden Gate to what we grow and how, in our small way, we are doing our part to save the world. Please feel free to wander.

* * *

Our Permaculture Journey
Garden Descriptions (Birds, Bees, & the Gardens that Love Them!)
Garden Gallery: The garden throughout the year – lots of photos!
Ultimate Plant List of what we grow
Bee Plants
Dye Plants
Seeds that Like Cold Stratification
Wish List
Bloom Calendar
Table of Blooms
Bees and Other Pollinators (a collection of blogposts)
Garden Planning (winter optimism, spring enthusiasm, summer resilience, and autumn appreciation)
All About Garlic
And More Garlic (no longer selling commercially, but there are handy descriptions here)

SOLEXX: The greenhouse place where we grow a lot of useful plants

Bumblebee on Sunflower