Dog Biscuits! (Give them something to howl about!)

DOG BISCUITS ARE BACK! (oops! Sorry! Sold Out Again! Making more as we speak!)

Barkley and Wolf Bites
I packaged them up as “Wolf Bites” – “Give them something to howl about.” These biscuits will definitely bring out the inner wolf, no matter how deeply it may be buried.

$5.00 / Bag plus shipping.

TO ORDER: CONTACT ME! (we accept PayPal, check, or money order)

Made with lean ground turkey breast, homegrown pumpkin, rice flower, eggs, nutritional yeast, molasses, xanthan gum.

Barkley gives them a two paws up! He was actually excited to do silly tricks and make me laugh for the opportunity to get more 🙂 What a good dog!

P.S. Any payment above the normal price I will donate to our local Humane Society or W.A.G. (Welfare for Animals Guild). Thanks! And Barkley & his former inmates thank you, too!

Want to Make Your Own??

Here is the Secret Recipe!