Blooming in November: Flowers for Bees, Pollinators, Feathered Friends

I am always amazed at what is still blooming in November. Such gifts! The bees and other pollinators are especially grateful. So am I! In the midst of the leaf-raking season, be sure to take a break to smell the roses!

For more photos of what is blooming in November, go to our Gallery page: November Gardens.

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Hope your Thanksgiving is full of blessings, your life full of gratitude, and your garden full of whatever it is full of. It’s all good!

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2 thoughts on “Blooming in November: Flowers for Bees, Pollinators, Feathered Friends”

    • Keep in mind, this is a series of snippets among towering weeds! I keep my eyes on the vision 😉 (But yes, sometimes I have to pinch myself. We are very fortunate to live where we do.)


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