Garlic Reconnects Old Friends and Makes New Ones

Barbolian Garlic Thriving in the Mojave DesertI know, that is a long title that probably won’t do anything for me in the Google ratings. But that’s ok.

I was just thinking about how garlic (and the Internet) has helped me get back in touch with old friends and also begin friendships with others who are as passionate as I am about gardening, family farms, and sustainable living.… Read more

Garlic Is Coming On Strong!

February update here at Barbolian Fields: The garlic is growing strong!

Gosh, it’s great to see those shoots coming up again! I mean, we always know they will, but somehow there is always this little voice that says, “what if they don’t….”

One thing I did differently this year than in previous years is that I put on a heavy layer of straw mulch.… Read more

Buy Garlic, Not Gold!

Chinese Garlic Lord relaxes, thinking of all the money he is making with his stash of garlic. Another good reason to Buy Local.
Chinese Garlic Lord relaxes, thinking of all the money he is making with his stash of garlic. If you ask me, this picture illustrates another good reason to BUY LOCAL. (Reuters photo)

Ok Folks – this is just in from the news, so you know it must be true.… Read more

Yes! You Can Still Plant Garlic!

If you haven’t planted your garlic yet, don’t despair! There is still time to put it in the ground. In fact, right now is perfect.


Some say the rule of thumb is to plant 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes. Others say plant any time from late September through mid-January, as long as the ground isn’t frozen.… Read more

First Garlic Harvest Underway!

img_3190Yikes! I don’t know about everyone else, but harvest time came nearly 2 weeks early this year! Usually I plant around Halloween with the idea that a later sowing will delay the harvest until after the 4th of July holiday. This year, however, the plants fooled me.… Read more

Garlic Scapes Return!

bouquet-of-garlic-scapesI have been getting a lot of questions about garlic scapes lately – and in checking my blog stats, a lot of people are searching for recipes using scapes. Scapes, those curly flower shoots from the hardneck varieties of garlic, arrive just as we are running out of our green garlic harvest.… Read more

Spring Cleaning in the Garlic Beds!

Garlic is up! Time to get weeding!
Garlic is up! Time to get weeding!

Ok, folks, spring is officially here, and there is no time to lose!

Barbolian Garlic Status Report: The garlic is growing strong! Better than strong: these sprouts look like my best crop ever! All that work that went into building the beds has really paid off!… Read more

Welcome Back Garlic!

jan09_frosty-greenman1Welcome back New Garlic Shoots! Welcome back Garlic Lovers!

Hmmm…I seem to have figured how to get my pictures back up on my posts, although not necessarily where I want them. After my recent WordPress upgrade, I have had a few problems.… Read more