Got Garlic???? YES we DO!

If you’ve checked out my “Garlic Variety” page lately, you might think “there are no products.”

ACTUALLY – WE HAVE LOTS OF GARLIC – REALLY GREAT GARLIC, in fact – even though many in our community had crop failures.

This is a prime example of the con side of doing your own website when you don’t know what the heck you’re doing!

So in trying to set up this REALLY COOL storefront that would make it so much easier for people to see what’s available and order garlic, I apparently wiped out everything that I had up there – like all those pictures and descriptions and everything. Groaaaannn.

Not only that, it appears every single link connects to the “No Products” page.


AND of course, this hits me at a time when I am smack in the middle of planting.

The good news is, it looks like I was able to get back my original site – but I’m going to try something again, so if you see some blips in the road, please hang in there with me!

We have run out of some of the rarer varieties, but we still have lots of Siberian, German Extra Hardy, Polish White, Inchelium Red, and quite a few others.

So – if you’re looking for garlic, and nothing is showing up on the site, shoot me an email – offer me sympathy if nothing else! Thanks! (I could use some!)

I hesitate to provide a link. Without the spaces, the email address is blythe @

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