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This is your chance to become a bonafide member of the Barbolian Fields Fan Club, an elite and secret group of members whose names and contact info, of course, I do not share – and which, of course, entitles you to quarterly-at-best Newsletters that feature fancy decoder rings; previews of new products and other things we make; spectacular photos of plants, animals, and wild places; things I come across that enrich our lives; and assorted rambles – er – insights and inspirations! Such a deal! Free!

Did I say decoder rings? Just checking to see whether you are actually reading this. Actually, I don’t have decoder rings. But I might invent one. 

For all the latest scoop of compost on everything else, simply type whatever you like to be called in the form below, how to contact you, and the name of your firstborn child. (Actually, I don’t need your kid’s names – just checking to see whether you can follow directions. I should have been a teacher!)

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5 thoughts on “Join the Barbolian Fields Fan Club!”

  1. I live on W. Whidbey Island, am 83 yrs old & love to garden.
    I just found your blog and read your article on corn it is fantastic, I need all the help I can get to grow my corn this year.
    My garden is on the side hill facing the water, receiving wind, I do have a small spot of sun to put my corn, but lots of tall fir trees around me.
    I am going to put my seeds in flats but only have a 2- 4′ spots to plant the corn. but still want to give it a try.
    Thank you for any advice you can give my.

    • Hello Claudia! I missed this comment but caught the email you sent. I sent you a message. I can totally picture a spot of sunshine on a hill facing the water, surrounded by firs! Sounds beautiful! Yes! Give it a try! Pick a short season variety and give them a bit of a head start by pre-planting in flats. Perhaps the firs will block the wind a bit? Maybe a shorter variety would be a bit more sturdy? Good luck to you and thanks for contacting me! I am 70, so right behind you. Gardening keeps us connected in so many ways!

  2. Hi there Blythe!
    We connected at the Permie Convergence. You were out of business cards but I found your site (lovely and so friendly), also the Dunbar site. Hoping to connect with you about collaborating on an outdoor learning event next year at Falconcrest, 38 acres of undisturbed Forest and Wetland ecologies. The perfect setting for learning about Natural Abundance and Diversification! Cheers, Virginia

    • Hi Virginia! I do remember you! The Northwest Permaculture Convergence was an amazing event, wasn’t it! So much going on and so many knowledgeable people – I only wish there would have been some way to see them all! Thank you for looking me up (and thank you for the compliments!). Do keep in touch. (you can also reach me at Do you have a website? All the best, Blythe

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