When All Else Fails, Buy Plants — 2 Comments

  1. Don’t give up! I think you may be the last of the great garlic-passionate growers on the peninsula! After that guy who had the 100+ varieties passed away and his stock all disappeared, I thought it was over!

    After living in Alaska, I don’t know how to grow squat so I have just a couple pots out back with some herbs, a couple green beans and bell peppers. Meager start for sure with this cold weather. Just trying not to kill them now that’s its sunny – I must remember to water so they don’t scorch! I know nothing about fertilizing or soil though so I’ll be lucky to get anything out of this.

    • Aww, Nicole – thank you so much for your kind words – but seriously, there are many good growers in the area – and I am already seeing cured garlic in places like the Sequim Locally Grown and the Red Rooster Grocery, so somebody’s getting it right. I guess this year will tell me which ones can handle the wind and rain in our back acre – and maybe I should just concentrate on those. Course, it’s so hard to pass up all the interesting varieties out there. I could never find time to grow them all. I, too, sadly missed meeting the gentleman with all the garlic. I have often considered whether I might find a scape or two of a survivor in the field where he used to farm. (BTW– I also used to live in AK – sure miss those long days of sunshine that seemed to help everything grow super-size if you were in the right spot for it!)

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