Whether it be groundhogs, prairie dogs, woodchucks, marmots, or maybe some other small furry mammal, we of the supposedly more intelligent species are looking to them on what for most is a cold day in early February for guidance. Silly humans. If you really want to know about the day, just look at the bees! If the bees are out, it is a good day for certain. Look around a little further, and it is easy to see more good signs of a good day and more good days to come!

Beehive in February

Bees are out on February 1! Great Day! You can feel how happy they are to be out and about!

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows on Feb.1! Awwww… Who can resist?

Snow Geese have returned! Great day!

Snow Geese have returned! Great day!

New buds on the Cornelian Cherry

New buds on the Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas) – a yellow type – another sure sign of a good day!

old barn

This old barn says it’s worth hangin’ in there on such a beautiful day!  We agree!













Happy Day, Everyone!



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