Fabrics and Fibers: Sewing, Yarns, and Dyes

I like to sew. It is something I have done for over 50 years – everything from doll clothes to llama packs and tents.

I also like to spin – mostly wool and hairs – and knit and crochet. I once had a dozen Samoyeds, 47 angora rabbits, and 5 llamas to support my fuzzy habit. Lately I’ve been exploring plant fibers, like flax and nettles.

And then there are the plant dyes – goldenrod, madder, weld, and woad – such gorgeous designs and colors on fabrics and yarns from our plant world!

The idea of “slow fashion” is coming around again – a renewed appreciation for making our own clothing and our own gear – and really, independence through building strong local economies in all forms.

This page is for sharing some of these endeavors. I may divide it up at some point. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting!