Things Handmade – also Solexx (not handmade, but you can use it to make things). I’ve been playing with plant dyes, making bags and toys, mixing up lotions & potions, dabbling in mixed media, making willow sculptures… my husband, Jeff, makes the beehives and other wooden things. I will be sharing some of these things here. Some overlap here with the Useful Plant section, because this used to be the General Store, and Yes, we are happy to take custom orders, barter, sell, and trade. As always, inspiration is free!

Solexx Greenhouse Kits & Materials: Barbolian Fields is an authorized dealer of SolexxTM products. Best stuff ever for greenhouses! Check it out! Contact me to purchase!

Warre Beehives

Honeybee Swarm Traps

Herbs: Medicinal, Culinary, & Dye Plants


Live Plants (availability varies; contact us to see what we have growing)

Jump Juice (the ultimate plant starter; made from willows)

Willows (live starts or basketry rods)

Fruits & Berries (in season)

Fabrics & Fibers: Sewing, Yarns, & Dyes

Soaps, Salves, Beeswax, Potions

Upcycled Stuff (things we need from things we don’t)

Handcrafts (an eclectic mix)

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