Victory Gardens for Change — 8 Comments

  1. I remember when “Everyone gardened back then…” Growing up in the 50s and 60s my family always had a vegetable garden. Like so many moms, my mother planted, weeded, harvested, froze and canned everything. When I’m out in my garden I usually think of my mom.
    Most of our friends and neighbors had gardens then. It’s not the same now, far fewer people garden these days. And the reasons are many.
    As far as gardening on the grassroots level – like most home gardeners -we share our surplus garden produce with family and friends but we also share with the local CSFP, commodities for seniors. What a good feeling to make available our home grown vegetables and free-range chicken eggs to seniors who don’t have the space or aren’t able to garden for themselves anymore.
    Your commentary is always interesting and appreciated – political, horticultural or otherwise!

    • What a great idea to share with your local CSFP! I really like that. We have a local food bank that we have given extras to – but it is hard – a lot of people now would rather have something instant – and some organizations cannot accept something that is not in a package. The bears at our nearby “Game Farm” enjoyed some of our surplus apples this year, so at least they didn’t go to waste. Ideally, I like the concept of a “gifting economy” and finding that balance between the need to make a certain amount of money and allowing people to pay what they can afford, not necessarily in cash. I also feel quite privileged to have the surplus to share in the first place. The relationships are more valuable than the monetary return. Best wishes to you, Beth, for a fantastic year in the garden – thanks for taking the time to read my long posts & comment!

  2. Happy 93rd birthday! And thank you for your service during WW II! Hope you have many more wonderful birthdays!
    Good health and happiness to you!
    Jan and Walt Wielbicki

    • My dad is an amazing person. I will make sure he sees this. He is quite tech-savvy, and he shares your name, Walt. 🙂 hope your bees are making it through this strange winter!

  3. Not sure I understand your politics. Are you talking about the hundreds of “chicken little” stories about how the sky will fall in IF, IF and IF the big bad man does all those terrible IFs, or are you talking about the damage that has already been done by the “good” ones that just got kicked out by the people? Perhaps, you’re safer to stick to gardening. There’s enough hate mongering going on based on made up suppositions rather than facts. Great garlic to you!

    • I always enjoy thoughtful discussions. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my site. True, I can’t wait to get my hands back into the soil. Good garlic (and other crops) to you, too!

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