The Willow Room Dance

Into the willow room I go
On a sunlit day in autumn.
It’s a special place where magic glows
In the midst of a secret garden.

Where orange and gold dance with the breeze
That flickers between light and shadow…
Where I listen to birds and the humming of bees
In the willows that grow in the meadow.

We gather the leaves and toss to the sky
To watch them fall to a shawl o’er the ground;
Over and over and over they fly,
As the seasons spin ‘round and ‘round…..

So twirl with a breeze, rustle with leaves,
Play in the sunbeams still warm;
Bend with the willow to the earth’s soft pillow
To be strong ‘gainst the oncoming storm

And as the nights grow longer t’ward the winter deep
Bid farewell to a lingering bloom
Kiss softly this earth, preparing to sleep
That awaits, protected, in the willow room.

Then arise! There’s still time to catch the light!
Absorb its warmth; inhale its rays
Hold on to its radiance with all your might!
And give thanks for these last fall days!

Yes, into the willow room I go
Where the magic of autumn is alit with romance
Yes, follow me now in the hollow of the willow
And let your spirit dance!

~By Blythelight