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Garlic scapeBuy Barbolian Garlic!Welcome to the launching pad for Barbolian Fields, where we specialize in garlic, herbs, dye plants, and various things made from all of those. Feel free to explore these pages to see what we’re up to!

FIELD TRIPS & POST DRIPS to read our latest blog thoughts, see photos, and get updates on what’s going on in the back 40 (ok – it’s not really 40 acres – but it’s bigger than a yard, smaller than a full-scale farm, big enough to grow a lot of weeds & etc. – you get the picture – or you will if you follow the blog!).

WHAT KIND OF GARLIC TO GET? HOW DO I GET SOME? (Our most frequently asked questions)  Easy! Go to our Got Garlic? (one can never have too much!) page. Choose your varieties; (don’t forget – they make great gifts!).  We are happy to ship, but if you’re in the neighborhood (Sequim, WA), you are welcome to drop in! Give me a call / email.

WHAT ELSE YOU GOT? We are branching out with the Barbolian Store to be a kind of outlet page for things we & our friends grow and make. We’re just getting this set up – so we’ll be adding new things as we find them. (Want to be included? Contact me!) At the Barbolian Store, you’ll find links to some of our favorite books, products for self-sufficient living, and other things we highly recommend. (Definitely a work in progress! Some of these things are through affiliate programs – others are just because we like them.)

HOW TO CONTACT: We set up a form to cut down on the spam – but don’t let forms intimidate you! We’ll try our best to answer questions – we can’t guarantee we won’t get off topic – we’re always open to ideas and suggestions – and what can we say, we love to talk dirt! Drop us a line!

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Don’t forget to check out the Buy Local page for links to various places where you can buy local produce or products, eat at restaurants that serve locally grown food, or find additional information on conservation, sustainability, and what you can do to protect farmland. This list is a work in progress, so if you have suggested additions, please contact me!

Community support is the long-term sustainable solution to the loss of farms in our region.




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