Buy Garlic, Not Gold! — 4 Comments

    • Me too!!! I can’t wait!!! And don’t you just love the picture of that guy blowing smoke up into all those bags of garlic!
      Thanks for stopping in, Becky! Always fun to connect with other wealthy garlic growers!! 🙂

  1. I just stuffed an entire Vekak into a browned rolled pork shoulder with salsa for liquid into the oven to cook for several hours for pulled pork tonight. I have to smell it cook all day! RB

    • MMMMMMM!!!!! Life is really ruff! As for us, my son-in-law has been collecting mussels at low tide and catching a couple of cutthroat trout. We’re having a kind of seafood stew with garlic bread. I melt the butter & then add crushed garlic to it (so the garlic doesn’t cook other than from the heat from the butter) and then spread it on bread slices – warm it all up in the oven:) I throw all the “cull” garlic in a big bowl – I think this might be Siberian. I know it’s not Vekak, Bogatyr, or Persian Star. It’s all good!

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