Garden Chaos – The Rest of the Story — 3 Comments

  1. I love this post! I, too, struggle with overwhelm and chores and getting it all done without running myself ragged. But when I find a small grass snake under a bucket, or walk by my elderberry bush with munched-by-something leaves, or see fireflies dancing in the yard, I remember why we are trying to do what we do, without chemicals… as I scratch at all my chigger bites. 🙂

    I’ll do what I can and get to the rest later. Or not. It’s all good.

    • Snakes, Chiggers & Fireflies – oh, my! I am not sure where you are, but your beautiful description is exactly how I feel. The key, I think, is in doing what we can, and in the process, finding the magic in small things. “It’s all good” pretty much sums it up, does it not? Thanks for your heartfelt comments, Cheverly.

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