A Case of March Madness — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! You’ll have to let me know how the bees go, I’ve always wanted to get some but am rather terrified of the whole scenario. We’re in Sequim as well and I just made poor hubby plant all of my new fruit, nut, and berry bushes/trees :o) Poor thing. I work full time and go shopping online for plants and he has to deal with them when they come in, HA!
    Anyway, great to read your blog, you’ve got a great wit about you that I can appreciate. Keep us posted on your projects!!

    • Thank you, Olivia! I am both excited and a bit *nervous* about the bees – not quite terrified – but the idea of being around 25,000 bees or so (who’s counting?) is a bit unsettling! But I am sure we will get to know each other, and for the most part, I just intend on letting them be bees. Stay tuned – I will definitely be posting about the adventure. Tonight I finished painting the rooftop on one of the new hives. I think the bees will like it. And believe it or not – I just bought a bunch more plants (for the bees, of course!). Thanks for stopping in to the website, and since you’re in the Sequim area, we should get together! Enjoyed reading your blog about building & living in a small house and would be interested to find out where recent transitions have taken you…

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