Spring Garlic Woes — 2 Comments

  1. Well I can see one thing I did wrong is that they are spaced way too close, so maybe I will pull some out and see how the rest do. Have you ever tried moving garlic mid-season, and know if it would survive? I planted it all in one spot in a brand new garden with not much organic matter in the soil, so I think that drainage may be an issue. I’m just wondering if putting it in a new spot with better drainage might help. I guess since I’m going to pull some out anyways, I might as well try putting a few somewhere else and see what happens.

    • I would definitely give it a shot. Garlic can take a transplant. The root systems can vary quite a bit by variety — some are thin and brittle; others rather thick and extensive (these tend to weather through winter upheavals a little better). They reach out farther than you’d think. Give them a little space and some drainage and they should be good to go. Best of luck to you!

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