2022 Earth and Sky Phenology Calendar Wheel

The 2022 Earth and Sky Phenology Wheel Calendar Revolution

Those of you who have signed up for the Barbolian Fields Fan Club know that I have long been promising a secret decoder ring of some sort. Well, my friends… Behold the Barbolian Fields Earth and Sky Phenology Wheel Calendar! (click link above to order! Thanks!) It is not exactly a secret – but it IS a secret … Read more

Caterpillar Slaughter

Large tent caterpillar nestI have squished them with my bare hands, blasted the nests open with a power hose, sprayed them with vinegar, burned them alive with a blow torch, and for those that survived all that, drowned them in soapy water. If you, too, have stood aghast at the havoc they have wreaked in your beloved fruit trees, have vowed to take action, if not declare outright war, and have been somewhat taken aback by their tenacity – yes, we are talking about tent caterpillars – read on. But fair warning: this post is not for the faint of heart!

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