Garlic Status – Memorial Day Plant Survey

How is your garlic growing?

German Extra Hardy garlic plants
Short person in tall garlic patch. That would be me and the German Extra Hardies.


Plant Survey:

About once or twice a month, I am taking a photographic survey of plants in the garden and around the back acre. The camera is such a wonderful tool for documenting what’s going on out there in the weed jungle. I will later transfer this info to a spreadsheet where, for example, I can chart the blooming times of different plants to better see what is available to the bees at different times of year. It also makes an easy way to look at when things are ready to harvest (and plan accordingly, which is key, and which I learned the hard way when the black mustard was ready at the same time as the garlic and there was not room for both to hang in the shed!). Course, some of the plants don’t look like much yet (which will make it all the more interesting when the back acre is magically transformed into a food forest / combination wildlife habitat corridor). But other plants, like this year’s garlic? Holy Toledo!

Love how the camera gives us perspective! You may remember how it used to look:

New garlic beds
Garlic Maze - late October 2011

People thought I was crazy, for sure.

And again – the “After” – same spot.

Garlic Maze on Memorial Day 2012
Garlic Maze today

People still think I’m crazy. Oh well.

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    • Thank you, Eventas! The Ziemiai is not this tall, but is still doing very well, especially considering how late I planted it. I am pretty sure it is a purple stripe variety. Sekmes!


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