Warre Hives Set Up at Barbolian Fields

The Warre Hives are finished and out in the field, awaiting the bees!

Here is a video to show you how it’s all put together (plus a little introductory harp music by yours truly – just can’t resist!)

Want a closer look?

Warre Hives
Two Warre Hives along the back fence, facing south. They get a lot of morning sun here and are sheltered from the prevailing west wind.
Top bars on the Warre Hive
Top bars on a box in the Warre Hive

Triangle on bottom of top bar in the Warre Hive

Bottom drawer for cleaning the Warre Hive
Bottom drawer makes cleaning easy
Roof of Warre Hive painted with a sunflower
Sunflower rooftop stands out!
Black Hollyhock Flower on Warre Rooftop
It's supposed to be a black Hollyhock flower! Hope it helps them find their way home!
Quilt Box for the Warre Hive
Quilt box is filled with loose material to absorb condensation
Jeff Ward, Hive Builder
Jeff, the Master Warre Hive Builder! Dang! Nice Job!

Advantages of the Warre Hive:

  • Simple system
  • Allows bees to do what they do naturally
  • Bees build from the top down
  • Bees adjust the size of the comb according to their own requirements
  • Easier for bees to keep warm during winter
  • Fewer problems with disease, mites, and varmints
  • Good ventilation
  • Is much like a tree
  • Bees like trees
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance, “hands-off” philosophy
  • Lets the bees be bees and follow their natural instincts.

Here is a great link if you’d like to build one yourself or learn more about Abbe Emile Warre and the Warre beekeeping system.

Want us to build one for you? Questions? Contact us!

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