Welcome Back Garlic!


Welcome back New Garlic Shoots! Welcome back Garlic Lovers!

Hmmm…I seem to have figured how to get my pictures back up on my posts, although not necessarily where I want them. After my recent WordPress upgrade, I have had a few problems. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, please put up with this amateur hacker!


Brrr! It is frosty outside! As you know, January and February can be a real mixture of weather, and here in the Pacific Northwest, we are no exception. The rain and snow this year for us were a statistician’s dream. Even without extremes, storms regularly blow in off the west coast with winds strong enough to break trees, while other afternoons can be deceivingly warm with the promise of spring. Then the nights freeze solid again, glare ice coats the roadways, and thick frost ices every nook and crevice.


It might be a time for us to hunker down inside, but things are happening in the backyard garlic patch! Tender garlic shoots are bravely poking through the soil. Trust me on this. Look closely. I DO SEE GREEN!!!

They seem so exposed – so vulnerable. I did not mulch. There is no snow cover for protection….

I encourage them to be strong.

Stay tuned….

And in the meantime, I have had several discussions with fellow gardeners over the past few weeks about mulching, watering, the bed/no-bed dilemma, irrigation, building the soil, which varieties of garlic are best, other good crops, and an assortment of innovative gardening ideas. I will be posting on these in the near future as the growing season kicks in.

Thanks for visiting my site – and please come back – come back often! And I sure hope I can get this little snafu fixed!


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