10 Tips for Growing Corn in the Pacific Northwest

Yes! It is possible to grow corn in the Pacific Northwest!
Happy Day! We have CORN!

Yes – YES! We DO have corn! Here at Barbolian Fields, we are doing the Corny Happy Dance.

HOW – you may ask – did we manage to get corn to grow in this questionable of all seasons?… Read more

Grow, Corn, Grow!

We’re running out of heat units here! What do I have to do to inspire this corn to get with the program? Maybe this little Gershwin Summertime tune will help, by yours truly & trusty harmonicas in Em and Am. (the livin’ ain’t so easy if you’re an ear of corn in the Pacific Northwest)

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Capturing Sunshine in a Jar

Home-canned peachesAh, Summer – we hardly knew ye!

It’s raining all day today and the temps are hovering in the 50s, a cold, wet reminder that it is already September and that the summer is waning quietly with the close of the day (and also quite noisily in the mornings with the gathering of geese in giant Vs across the sky).… Read more