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Have you heard of Zazzle? You can spend a lot of time there! It’s a place to get your photos or artwork put on everything from aprons to zippered travel bags. Check out my store at Zazzle.

Barbolian Vampire Mascot and his batty friendSo yes, now you can get my little vampire buddy with his batty friend, aghast at the bulb of garlic hanging down like a venemous spider, with the words, “Got Garlic? One can never have too much….” on your very own apron, kitchen towel, tile, jar, grocery bag, t-shirt, notebook, planner … you name it!  Oh, and that’s just for starters… With all these reminders, you won’t find yourself in the uncomfortable circumstance of being without!

Barbolian Garlic on a tie? Why not! And what person wouldn’t feel a sense of pride and distinction in entering a fine Italian restaurant wearing a tie covered with garlic bulbs?

Perhaps you’d like a gardening apron with birds, bees, and flowers?

Holiday cards with the Olympic Mountains?

As you can see, the options are endless!

So yes, I get a commission for my designs and photos – and hey, they make nice gifts. If you see a photo of mine you’d like placed on something or another, let me know, and we can make it happen.

Zazzle is sort of like Etsy, though – a saturated marketplace. Sales will depend on my getting out there and telling people about it. So tell your friends.

And as always, I sure do appreciate your support. Thank you so much!

Examples of more fun stuff. Click HERE to access the Barbolian Fields Zazzle store.

Barbolian garlic on grocery bag available thru ZazzleApron with Barbolian Vampire mascot - available through ZazzleEat off a garlic plate? why not?They call this a "candy jar"A tile with our vampire & batty buddy on itCardoon in winter - from our garden - on a card