A Quest for Cottonwood Buds – and How to Make Cottonwood Salve — 2 Comments

  1. Very cool, now I have something new to look for, collect, and make into balm! Thanks so much, for your insights as well as the healing recipe. Now I know what balm of Gilead is too!

    • Well, if I were to get technical about it, the “Balm of Gilead” mentioned in the Bible and that was a precious gift from the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon is something totally different, but this is our Northwest version, which has also been used for centuries. I have been putting it on my hands and feet lately and it truly is amazing stuff. I am thinking it would also be nice mixed with a little calendula oil. And I think you have Arnica on your side of the mountains, no? That would be nice for arthritis.

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