Travels in Ecuador — 10 Comments

    • Thanks, Caitlin — And fun to see your pictures, too, with more of an emphasis on the wonderful foods! What a beautiful country! (and to my readers, check out Caitlin’s blog at – she is always coming up with something healthy & fun; the photography alone will give you inspiration to try something new & creative. It’s a great food blog!)

  1. Thank you for all the fabulous photos of Ecuador, what a beautiful country! I was intrigued by the marketplace. I hope you bought one of those colorful baskets. And what a wonderful array of fruits and vegetables. Just curious… did you see any garlic?

    • Good question! No, I did not see much in the way of garlic. I would think garlic would be difficult there, being as it requires a cold period to form a bulb. The weather there stays mild all year round. But we did see a variation in crops grown at the higher elevations compared to the lower (much more corn at lower elevations, for example). What I was looking for, though, was amaranth, quinoa, and assorted roots: oca, mashua, yacon, ulluco, and others. I was amazed at the number of varieties of rice available in even the smallest of street-corner shops! Fresh fruits every single day. They are always making fresh juices. Such a treat! Lots of pineapple, guava, banana, and some I had never heard of. And yes, I purchased a few of the tiny colorful baskets. It was amazing how small they made them and how intricate the weaving! They used a dowel as a form around which to weave the reeds.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful glimpse into Ecuadorian living, your article really opened my understanding of this beautiful country! Your sense of appreciation shines through in every line, I can see your BIG happy smile coming straight from your heart just reading this! I’m so happy that you made this trip and shared your heart with people there. Photos are great too, with an eye like yours, there’s no need for an expensive camera!

  3. Lovely story! Such a colorful writer! You should start a travel blog!

    Wishing you all the best in your cosmic travels. Would be nice to connect … lets talk some time? Send me an email with your phone number, if you wish.

    Best to you and your family,

    Leslie Huttunen

    • Thank you, Les – so great to hear from you! and fun to find you on here and share … it would be fun to reconnect. I hope to head up to Anchorage in the near future for a visit. Will send you a mssg.

    • Thank you, Kay! I didn’t take my good camera … I purchased a little reconditioned point-and-shoot that I wouldn’t be upset about if I lost. It was very frustrating, being as I was used to other features and buttons – but I was glad I got a few good shots out of it that help me to remember what a magical place Ecuador is. I appreciate your stopping in to the site and taking the time to read through it all 🙂 Hope to see you soon…

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