We don’t always get snow here in Sequim, Washington, but this year, we got blasted with some hail on the first of January, and it decided to stick around. The gardens are dormant, and yet I am always thankful to harvest a bit of kale or a few collards.

Willow Room on January 1

It is a cold and windy January 1 in the Willow Room.

January Kale

Looking rather droopy, but it will straighten up when it warms up a bit! I am thankful for the resilience of kale!

A Cold Bench at the Willow Chair

Brrr – that concrete bench looks a tad bit cold at the willow chair!

Winter Kale

Thankful for the kale and collards we harvest all winter!

Solexx Greenhouse in January

(The ashwaganda has seen warmer days. The greenhouse is unheated.)

Beehives in January

Too cold for bees! Hope they are staying warm! Notice how we strapped down the hives against the gale-force winds that funnel through here from off the coast.

Dripping Ice

Dripping ice…so beautiful!

Salad Greens in Solexx Greenhouse

The snow slides right off the Solexx roof.

Goldfish Pond in January

Yes, the goldfish is alive under this layer of ice on the pond!

Arugula in the greenhouse

Rescued this self-sown arugula from the garden in late fall and stuck it in the greenhouse. It’s doing alright! It will perk up once we get over 10 hours of daylight again, about mid-February.

Happy New Year Willow Ball

Festive New Year’s Willow Ball hanging in the Willow Room. Happy New Year everybody!

Buddhas in the Garden

These two are contemplating what they might accomplish in the garden this new year … or not.