12 Good Things about the 2012 Garden — 3 Comments

  1. I forgot to mention,,, Kale grows great in my 5 gallon buckets,, had plenty of greens from one bucket for me this year,,

  2. Hi beautiful lady,,, really loved this update,, such interesting reading. I really enjoy the vicarious aspect of gardening through you now since I am trapped inside this body which is trapped in the house all the time now. Wondered how the bees had been doing,, will be looking forward to that tale of fun and woe LOL.

    Always enjoy getting to see our garden via the pictures 🙂

    Sending my love,,,and (((((((HUGS))))))) plus *****kisses******

    • Harvey! You are just So Sweet! Thank you for all your kind words – and I hope with your new calendar, you will be able to enjoy the garden all year! You continue to inspire me – growing kale in a 5-gal bucket! GREAT idea! It just goes to show that anyone – even with physical challenges as yourself – can grow some of their own food, and if I were to pick one powerhouse nutritional vegetable, I think Kale would be King!

      Yes, the bees are making it outside when the sun shines on the hive and the winds calm down; otherwise, they are hunkering down like the rest of us. Hope you, too, are finding a ray of sunshine to sit in and enjoy … we are a bit like cats in that respect, don’t you think?

      Much love your way, too!

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