16 Days Until Spring

That’s right, folks. Things are waking up out there. Like, they’re on caffeine, as only plants in the Pacific Northwest can be. I think it’s in the groundwater. Seriously. Here’s a quick backyard survey (if you click on the photo, you’ll get a bigger view). How are things in your neck of the woods?

Get ready, get set, go C*R*A*Z*Y!!!

2 thoughts on “16 Days Until Spring”

  1. Here in south eastern Indiana the weather has been crazy. Tornadoes on saturday, 40’s on Sunday, 2 inches of snow on Monday and temps in the 60’s by wednesday. The only thing green in my garden is the greens on my shallots.
    I wish I could grow your tree kale here. Great pictures. I enjoy your site very much.

    • Hi Tom! Hang in there! Your weather will soon be outshining ours – we tend to hang on to this windy cold damp stuff for months on end. Great for kale & broccoli, but what I lust after in the “heat” of summer is a fresh ripe tomato and a roasted ear of corn! Peaches & melons just won’t happen, so don’t even think about them! My heart goes out to all of those in the path of the tornadoes – the stories coming out on the news really bring me to tears. All the more reason to grow a big garden – so you will have plenty to share with those less fortunate! (And we just got back from Colorado – similar temp swings – upper 20s one night with snow & howling winds, followed by temps in the 50s, all over a couple of days! Crazy is right!)


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