Garlic Is Coming On Strong!

February update here at Barbolian Fields: The garlic is growing strong!

Gosh, it’s great to see those shoots coming up again! I mean, we always know they will, but somehow there is always this little voice that says, “what if they don’t….”

One thing I did differently this year than in previous years is that I put on a heavy layer of straw mulch.… Read more

Buying Seeds: Garden Planning Reality Check

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Don’t you just love this? I mean, if those veggies aren’t just a little bit frightening, I don’t know what is! “EAT YOUR VEGETABLES or ELSE!”

And ha! wasn’t that incredibly irresponsible of me in my last post??? I mean, I’m talking to people quite possibly stuck in a snowbank, and I blithely (as I can do so very well) flaunt our blooming crocuses and say, “Here are some fantastic catalogs – a little retail therapy will do you good!”

Whoaa – whoaa – whoaa….Read more

Seed Catalog Frenzy

It is that time of year again: Seed Catalog Frenzy season. For those of you stuck in a snowbank, there is probably nothing more enjoyable than sitting by a fire scanning the pictures of sensual flowers that laugh in the sunshine and of all those delectable vegetables that make us secretly want to turn vegetarian if we aren’t already.… Read more

Farmer’s Breakfast This Weekend

Just a reminder to everyone out here on the Olympic Peninsula that the 4th Annual Farmer’s Breakfast is THIS WEEKEND, FEBRUARY 7, at the Sequim Prairie Grange, aka Macleay Hall, located at 290 Macleay Road in Sequim. If you’re coming over to the Peninsula, ya gotta eat anyway, so why not make it here at the Grange and help out a good cause.… Read more