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  1. I finally had time to explore and came across this story. What a wonderful idea for a Memorial Garden. Love that chair and Boot hill. I’m sorry what you went through on your brother’s death but what a loving tribute to both him and your Mom. You cotinue to inspire me.
    Love, Carol

    • Hey, thanks, Carol. I still can’t read it without breaking into tears. Still very hard to even believe. Hope your dad is doing better. Was wonderful to see you – and good to hear from you again.

  2. I am so grateful you have the courage to share this incredible story of life and love with strangers. I was looking for a place to buy garlic for planting as we do each year. A friend told me of you last year but I never followed up. Somehow this year, this morning, I stuck with the process of internet searching until I found you. And was led to this page. I have to tell you I just hung a show at the Blue Whole Gallery (in the front window) of my paintings. All Sunflowers. I feel now that some of it, the energy in those works which have consumed me this summer, are for you, your mother and your brother. I hope you do not consider me presumptuous, but will go and look at the paintings and enjoy them. I cannot find an address to your farm to come and buy garlic but I will keep trying until I do. Life is all around us, and we are all together.

    • I missed the First Friday at the Blue Whole this month; we made a trip to Vancouver Island to personally thank the people who risked their lives to find my brother. The weather was terrible that day, the mountain treacherous, and it was amazing that they found him at all in such a remote and densely forested area. The RCMPs and Canadian Search & Rescue volunteers are a dedicated and caring group.
      And yes, I absolutely love sunflowers. They express so much joy! My garden has become such a place to reconnect with what is real. The garden, the mountains, the rivers, the sea – my grandchildren – are all steady reminders that life is about living and loving – and then every once in awhile, a perfect stranger comes along and reminds me, who are we as human beings, after all, if we do not reach out and help one another? Thank you for your kind words, Lynne – and I look forward to basking in the warmth of a hundred smiling suns (sunflowers, that is)!

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