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  • YIKES!!!! July 8, 2020: A swarm of honey bees moved into a Warre hive I had sitting on the concrete in kind of a utility area behind the barn! I was getting ready to clean out this empty hive but hadn’t gotten around to it. My grandson and I happened to notice a lot of activity at the entrance. The girls were acting very excited – we could actually feel it – and I thought, hmmm, there weren’t any bees here earlier this morning, I wonder when they moved in? The next thing we knew, the air was full of thousands and thousands of bees … and within a few minutes, they were covering the hive and moving in! By late afternoon, the wind was picking up, the temperature dropping, and all of them were safe inside.  I guess we are back into providing housing for honey bees! Perhaps not where I would have chosen to keep them, but they did the choosing!
  • Everything else around here seems boring in comparison.
  • But hey – there is COLOR EVERYWHERE! Oh my goodness! Suddenly there is so much in bloom! And the birds! So much activity! Little fledglings are learning how to fly.
  • Nuts & Bolts: Still working on optimizing the drip water system.
  • Quick Greenhouse Report: Moved a whole lot of starts out and am still trying to get them all in the ground or in larger pots. Good news: Harvesting our first tomatoes! Passionflowers are up and climbing, along with the Chinese yams. Turmeric is up! Lots of basil. Bad news: bugs ate my okra. Have never grown it before and was really hoping to try it.
  • We weren’t going to plant a lot of annual veggies this year – they take so much work! But under the circumstances, we have decided if ever there was a good time to plant a veggie garden, this is it! Harvesting lots of peas and greens – but oh, I’ve created a lot of work for myself!
  • Cleaning out the bindweed and the cleavers …. it is a never-ending task….
  • Lots of shrubs bloomed in May; now it seems a lot of the herbs are blooming: calendula, catmint, clary, elecampane, fireweed, motherwort, mullein, sage, rosemary, St. John’s wort, and so many more!
  • A very busy time of year. Counting our blessings.

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