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Join us in our backyard horticultural experiment!

Garden Tasks & What Is Happening:
  • COLOR EVERYWHERE! Oh my goodness! Suddenly there is so much in bloom! And the birds! So much activity!
  • Managed to get most of the pruning done – even the willows – thank goodness! Now we have lots of material for building trellises, wattle fences, and weaving baskets and sculptures.
  • Still working on optimizing the drip water system.
  • Reorganized the greenhouse: built a new bed for in-ground plants down the center; added compost; rearranged plants; moved a lot of plants that appreciated the winter shelter but now prefer cooler weather (elders, Saskatoons, currants, etc.) outside.
  • Loving the Solexx greenhouse! Getting loads of seeds started. I am sure there will be extras for sharing.
  • We weren’t going to plant a lot of annual veggies this year – they take so much work! But under the circumstances, we have decided if ever there was a good time to plant a veggie garden, this is it! Lots of salad greens are coming up.
  • We once had a frost on May 1, right after I had transplanted a lot of squashes. This year, I am being a bit more cautious, although we are probably fine. The wind is often a bigger problem than the cold.
  • Cleaning out the bindweed…. it is a never-ending task….
  • LOTS of greens, perennial veggies, and medicinals already ready for harvest! Asparagus, mustard, French sorrel, wood sorrel, kale & collards, sea kale, Good King Henry, lovage, dandelions, violets, brassica raab, chives, garlic chives, garlic shoots, spring onions, rhubarb, sweet woodruff, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, celery herb, chickweed, plantain, and of course, powerhouse nettles!
  • A very busy time of year. Counting our blessings.

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