Bee on a Black-eyed Susan flower

Garden Planning Tools – Mapping Out Dye Plants for 2022

It’s garden planning season, and I plan on growing more dye plants in 2022. But where to put them all? In this post, I explore a couple of ways of mapping out the garden, factoring in microclimates and sun/water/soil conditions.

Willow Room needs haircut

The Winter Garden Site Assessment: Gaining Perspectives

Spring is almost here! Yay! But before spring clutters the garden with a bunch of leaves, take a winter garden site assessment to evaluate whether your garden is growing toward your goals. Winter allows us to see the bare bones of the garden – the skeletal infrastructure – and a site assessment at this time can give us new insights into what works and what doesn’t. Identify sectors, look at how growth over the past year may have changed conditions, think about priorities for the coming season. Hooray for spring!