The Willow Room Dance — 4 Comments

  1. Blythe: really nice everyone needs a hideaway to collect their thoughts. going through Gurneys cat. they have willow trees that grow rapidly and in a year or two one can have a hideaway. I have several but in the firs and one under a large Elderberry tree where I can watch my Bees. I sit, listen, watch and think my thoughts. It’s amazing how much more wildlife you can see and hear when you blend in with them.

    • I’d be glad to share some cuttings with you, Walt! but mine are basketry willows & willows for “structures” – not the weeping type. We also have that big corkscrew willow that is just so beautiful in every season – (I just wish I had planted it a little further away from the barn – I had no idea it would get so huge!) The wildlife corridor I planted still needs a couple of years to provide a better hiding spot. I like what you say – how much more you can see & hear when you blend in – yes! My feelings exactly!

  2. Blythe, thank you for sharing your Willow Room Dance. Honestly, you seem a true Spirit of Nature, rejoicing in the golden light of Autumn. I’m sure your benevolence and joy spreads to everything around you. No wonder you grow such incredible garlic!

    • Ah, such kind words! Thank you, Irene! I am always humbled by the beauty and intricacy of the world around us – such a neverending source of inspiration, is it not?! So fun to encourage things to grow that start so small and then end up amazing us! We are so very fortunate!

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