Garlic: You Better Come On In My Kitchen

…because it’s gonna be rainin’ outdoors….

and now it’s gone, but I ain’t worried, cuz I’m settin’ on top of the world….

(Thank you Robert Johnson and the many others who have done versions of these songs.)

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve played harmonica for the ol’ garlic patch (or at least shared it). We are bringing her into the kitchen for her own protection… bwahahahaha

8 thoughts on “Garlic: You Better Come On In My Kitchen”

  1. Loved the concert,,,,, will you be going on tour soon?

    So I am a bit late showing up for the concert,,, I am a bit slow these days,,, 🙂

    • Hey Harvey – I am a bit late in replying, but glad you like my feeble attempts on the blues harp! On tour would definitely be fun, but in the meantime, cyberspace will have to do…and no one has to hurry to get there 🙂 (Thanks, Harv – glad you’re still getting around & tuning in!)

  2. Thanks, Bob! Great to hear those worked out so well for you and that you’ve had such a good crop! The Siberians have always been strong producers for me. And the German Extra Hardy, which is very popular on the East Coast, has also done quite well. I had some this year that were a full 3 1/4″ diameter! Although I didn’t grow very many of the Bavarian Purple, half of them were 3″ across! Very impressive! It will be interesting to compare the flavor of the Bavarian with the German. This warmer weather we’re having is great for getting them cured!

  3. Bavarian Purple is hot and its flavor hangs around. I can’t wait to compare it to Metechi and Romanian Red … Both are from you and did very well. BP is my go-to-garlic because it has survived just about everything.

    Your German extra Hardy turned into monsters …. 3 of 7 bulbs at 3 +inches and the others over 2 1/2 , with lots of big cloves. The beauty of your Siberians is unequaled.

    In spite of the discouraging weather this year I am very happy with the entire crop … Bulb size and quality.

  4. True words, Bob! Every time I sang “C’mon,” Barkley thought I was calling him – so he helped in elevating the fun factor – and after 5 or 6 tries, it all sounded good!

    Harvested some GORGEOUS Bavarian Purples yesterday! Thank you for turning me on to that variety!

  5. It’s impossible to be too sad for too long if while singing the blues you got a bottle of wine and a good dog handy.
    Yogi Berra said, ” In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is.”
    It is so simple in the book …. Harvest your garlic when all the leaves are mostly brown except for four or five green ones at the top. Except that rascal Murphy shows up far too often.


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